Embark on the journey of your dreams in the most charming and elegant place in southern Sicily, and let your stay in Modica be simply unforgettable.

 You will be seduced by the beauty of the Dimora Storica Edel and by the exclusive atmosphere of a town full of traditions.
Experience the comfort of living in the center of Modica, without forgoing the pleasures of a cozy and quiet place: this gorgeous building maintained all of its old charm from the early 900s and combines it with luxuries and modernity.

Cozy up and feel good in Dimora’s deluxe garden relaxation area, for a real luxury experience: dive in a Jacuzzi hot tub, sit down at the table and enjoy our specialties or relax at our bar, decorated with original Sicilian majolica.
Through the numerous services offered by the Dimora Storica Edel, you will be able to easily get to the beach or to any other place of interest. That’s not all. Take to the skies and enjoy incredible areal views of Ragusa and of all the surrounding areas for private sightseeing airplane tours, available to all our guests. Our pilot will treat you to a unique and memorable experience as you enjoy a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the area’s most famous and beautiful landmarks.

But if you want to fully enjoy your visit without leaving the Dimora, you can learn how to cook like a chef and how to make great international or typical Sicilian food. Our kitchen, fully equipped with an antique wood-burning oven, is completely refurbished and perfectly working. You can also taste the delicious food that our on-demand-chef can prepare for you and your family.

We are proud of the way our relais is also able to deeply connect you to the history of the area: our early 20th century rooms and furnishings have all been renovated with the passion and the attention to detail that only professional artisans and renovators can have.
The furniture, beds and window frames have all been hand-engraved and forged by the skillful hands of local artisans. When you look up to the ceilings you will be delighted by the Art Nouveau frescos that decorate the rooms at Edel.


To enjoy a real emotional journey, choose the unique Edel, the only place worthy of you.



The unmistakable and typical sense of hospitality of the Sicilians shows itself, in all its depth, through the comfort and the beauty of our rooms, pearls designed with elegance and attention to detail.
The four rooms at the Dimora Edel offer you privacy, large space and modern amenities. All deliver an elegant and refined environment, with floors made from the rare and precious “pietra pece”, a typical material from Sicily, with vaulted or barrel-vaulted ceilings and Art Nouveau frescos and interiors.