The Sicilian gardens: visiting Southern Sicily


When we think of Sicily, the first thing that pops in our mind is an image of the sea lashing against the shore: then, just like in front of a colorful mosaic, we start to install the tiles of its thousand-year old history, of [...]

The Sicilian gardens: visiting Southern Sicily2018-03-06T16:02:36+01:00

Modica: Hercules’city


The noble town of Modica, a Sicilian Baroque work of art, shows traces of its Hellenic past: this town, which the Greeks called Μότυκα, dates back to the 23rd century and it was populated by the Siculi. According to the historians Ellanico and Filisto, [...]

Modica: Hercules’city2018-02-19T10:44:46+01:00
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