Modica does not only have a cultural and monumental heritage of international importance, but also a remarkable natural and panoramic value. Fall is the best season if you want to enjoy the colors of nature while you are taking a walk in Modica, discovering the town.

Modica’s countryside

Let’s start from the surrounding countryside, which gently slopes towards the coast. Walking through the streets of this highland you will enjoy A view on the typical Mediterrenean scrub, characterized by carob trees, olive trees and by wild figs that grow by the roadsides.

Old manor farms

Still nowadays, you can see, between the different plots of land, the typical dry stone walls, which remind of when landowners, starting from the first half of the 16th century, used to divide the old county into different parcels. In the countryside you can still find old manor farms, with their rural farmhouses where you can stop by to taste the flavors of the local cuisine.

The Ispica Quarry

Another peculiarity of the natural environment in Modica is the presence of quarries, deep gorges formed by underground rivers that emerge into the open in some points. Quarries are real stone cities, made of different types of limestone, which give special beauty to the Hyblean area in Sicily. Don’t forget to visit the Ispica Quarry, a wild river valley that contains a 13km-long archeological site, which, at present, is one of the most important signs of the island’s past.

Behind the harshness of the territory, behind its fruits’ sweetness and the power of the sea, Sicily offers unique moments of contemplation of nature: it is a land that needs to be visited not only during hot seasons, but also in Fall, a quite time of the year.

Natural Tours

As guests at Edel Modica, you can get immersed in the magic of this season: our staff can plan a tour for you, so that you will fully enjoy the most amazing natural places in Modica. You can also try the local cuisine specialties of the season, thanks to our on-demand chef service.

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