Chef on demand


Chef on-demand An experienced professional chef will select the finest ingredients to prepare delicious traditional local food for our guests info@edelmodica.com +39.0932.75.22.31



Beach-shuttle transfer to the most beautiful beaches of the area (with a customized comfort service). info@edelmodica.com +39.0932.75.22.31

Catamaran tour


Catamaran tour A panoramic cruise along the coast, on board of a cabin catamaran. It includes stops for swimming and having lunch on board. info@edelmodica.com +39.0932.75.22.31

Airplane tour


Airplane tour A scenic tour that will allow you to see Modica and the surrounding areas from the sky. You can choose a single-passenger ride, if you want to enjoy a co-pilot’s view
 for one day, or a group ride, up to 3 passengers. info@edelmodica.com +39.0932.75.22.31 [...]

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